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We need your stories now! 
Let's be brave together. Upload something you have been struggling with to our website. Your story will reach people from around the world and reassure them that they are not alone.


Welcome to the Together Movement. A hub filled with stories and experiences from real people.


I'm Emma, creator of the Together Movement. Like you I am a real person with real problems. I have studied human psychology and having been deeply impacted and changed through hearing the vulnerability of others. 

With every struggle that arises, I often find myself obsessively searching the internet for peoples personal experiences. I want to know how real people survive these struggles.

We have all been impacted by a story and we all have a narrative worth sharing. We can make a difference simply by sharing what we know. 

This is a safe place. I hope you find comfort through reading the stories of real people and I hope you feel brave enough to share yours too.

People Walking


Sometimes the best therapy is simply knowing that we are not alone in our struggles.

People Walking


Your journey matters and your story will make a difference. Share your experiences here to help someone on a similar path.

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